Jiří Zemánek

e-mail: jiri.zemanek at cba.mit.edu

I am a visiting Fulbright scientist / postdoc in the Center for Bits and Atoms.

My dissertation at the Czech Technical University in Prague was focused on Distributed manipulation by controlling force fields through arrays of actuators

Magman - parallel manipulation

Parallel manipulation using dielectrophoresis

Ferrofluid and Magman

Magnetic manipulator Magman and Matlab

Ball and Hoop - motivation for numerical optimal control

Flying Ball in the Hoop - Control Using Matlab Simulink and Raspberry Pi

Christmas Ballance – stroboscopically animated Christmas ornaments

Egg Clock

Eggstatic 2 – laser drawing stroboscopic patterns on an egg covered in photochromic paint

Eggstatic – stroboscopic patterns for Easter eggs (EggBot)